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What is sudoku?

Sudoku is a numbers game, which can also be played as online sudoku. It uses logic instead of mathematical skills. The platform of the game is composed of 9x9 grids with 9 rows, 9 columns, all split up into 3x3 squares called regions.

Your objective is to place numbers inside the each empty square with only one number per square. The rules of Sudoku state that every row must contain the numbers 1 through 9. No row may be identical to any other row. The same rule applies to the columns. Additionally, each region must also contain numbers 1 through 9. Duplicate numbers are not allowed in any region. Again, each region will be different from other regions.

Note that some of the squares are already filled with numbers when you start the game. These are called the “givens.” These numbers cannot be changed. The fewer number of squares you need to fill in, the more difficult the game is. Also, the placement of numbers will significantly affect the puzzle’s level of difficulty.

Your task is to complete the squares with no repeated numbers. In solving the puzzle, you need to take note that it already contains one correct answer, and incorrect placement of numbers can keep you from solving the puzzle. Think of a Sudoku puzzle as something that used to be whole and interconnected. Someone has come along and deleted some of the puzzle. This means that the number to be placed on the next square depends upon the numbers on its surrounding squares.

Most people prefer to start from the top of the square when solving the puzzle, but you can begin placing numbers literally anywhere. However, your chances of committing mistake are higher when you begin at the top instead at the bottom or at the center square. It’s best to use a pencil, or play sudoku online of course.

Sudoku Tips

Despite its difficulty, this game is a fun puzzle once you get the hang of it. However, learning how to play this game can be extremely intimidating, especially if you’re a beginner. If you’re a complete beginner, the tips below can help you learn the basics of this game and progressively improve your Sudoku skills. Get more sudoku tips and hints →

The History of Sudoku

The history of Sudoku is an intriguing subject to those interested in the game. Based on its name, “Sudoku,” people would think that the game originated from Japan. However, this puzzle game was seen first in UK and the United States before it reached Japan. This game was first published by the Dell Magazine in New York in North America in late 1970s. Dell Magazine specializes in logic and puzzles and has published the game in their magazine with the name “Number Place". Read more about the history of sudoku →

More about sudoku

You can read more about sudoku on Wikipedia. Go to wikipedia →

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