The history of Sudoku is an intriguing subject to those interested in the game. Based on its name, “Sudoku,” people would think that the game originated from Japan. However, this puzzle game was seen first in UK and the United States before it reached Japan. This game was first published by the Dell Magazine in New York in North America in late 1970s. Dell Magazine specializes in logic and puzzles and has published the game in their magazine with the name “Number Place.”

The American version of this puzzle game was believed to be created and designed by Walter Mackey, one of the Dell Magazine’s puzzles creators. However, others believe that Howard Garns is responsible for introducing the game. Howard Garns is a 74-year old retired architect and a freelance puzzle contractor in Dell Magazine. The reason why many people think that Garns is the creator of the puzzle is because his name was always included in the list of contributors in every issue of Dell Magazine’s puzzle and word games.

This puzzle game finally reached Japan when the Japanese found a game of “Number Place” in Dell Magazine and translated the game into a different form. – Su means number and Doku means single unit. In 1984, Sudoku was introduced in Japan by Nikoli. Since then, the puzzle game appeared in the daily issues of newspapers in Japan as well as in different magazine issues.

In 1986, the popularity of the puzzle game has gone viral, and two different versions of the game were introduced. The different version of the game was published in different Japanese periodicals including newspapers, magazines, and other forms of publications.

It was not long ago when Sudoku reached online. Now, this puzzle game can be played online, wherein you can choose a number of variants to play.